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Data Recovery
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What clients are saying
"As Stanley was preparing to leave yesterday, I quickly looked at your Invoice and wrote a check for that amount and gave it to Stanley as he departed.

After he had gone, I more carefully reviewed the bill and was quite surprised and grateful for the most generous discount you gave me.

I want to thank you for this and your courtesy, promptness and excellent service. Please convey this feeling also to Stanley."

-Jack Butterworth M.D.
        Data Recovery

How do you know if your desktop is going to require Data Recovery Services?

Common symptoms that your media is requiring professional data recovery services are:

•Hard drive is producing clunking sounds
•Hard drive is producing clicking sounds
•Hard drive is producing knocking sounds
•Hard drive is producing whistling sounds
•Hard drive is producing grinding sounds
•Hard drive is producing smoke
•Hard drive is physically burnt
•Hard drive is water damaged
•Hard drive is virus infected
•Hard drive appears unformatted
•Operating system freezing
•Operating system hanging
•Operating system not booting
•Computer restarting
•BIOS not detecting drive
•Accidental file deletion
•Accidental drive formatting
•Accidental drive imaging


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