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Factory7 Network Security
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What clients are saying
"As Stanley was preparing to leave yesterday, I quickly looked at your Invoice and wrote a check for that amount and gave it to Stanley as he departed.

After he had gone, I more carefully reviewed the bill and was quite surprised and grateful for the most generous discount you gave me.

I want to thank you for this and your courtesy, promptness and excellent service. Please convey this feeling also to Stanley."

-Jack Butterworth M.D.
        Network Security

These are the ways that we Protect your network:

-Stateful Packet Inspection
     -Packet filtering – inspects packet headers
     -Stateful packet inspection – tracks events across a session to detect violations of normal processes
     -Time-based rules and Policy-based routing
-Application-Level Deep Packet Filtering
     -Scans packet payloads to enforce protocol-specific rules
-Security proxies to simplify management
     -HTTP, POP3, SMTP, SIP, DNS, Socks, Ident
-NAT (Network Address Translation) and masquerading
-DoS (Denial of Service Attack) protection
-Transparent mode eases administration

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Gateway
-Encrypts data to create a secure private communications “tunnel” over the public Internet
-Supports multiple architectures
     -Net-to-Net, Host-to-Net, Host-to-Host
-Advanced encryption
     -Supports all major encryption methods
-Supports IPSec, L2TP, and PPTP VPNs
     -Native Windows, IPSec, and MacOS x clients
-Many authentication methods
-Internal certificate authority
     -Full Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) support
-Supports VPN tunnels based on dynamic IP interface addresses (DynDNS)

Intrusion Protection
-Identifies and blocks application- and protocol- related probes and attacks
-Database of over 5,000 patterns and rules
--Probing, port scans, interrogations, host sweeps
     -Attacks on application vulnerabilities
     -Protocol exploitations
     -Messaging, chat and peer-to-peer (P2P) activities
-Anomaly detection to prevent against “Zero-Day-Attacks”
-Intrusion detection and prevention
     -Notify administrator, or block traffic immediately
-Powerful management interface
     -One click to enable and disable rules, change between detection and prevention


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