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Web Security
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What clients are saying
"I just wanted to thank you for helping Tom and I with our computer. There still seems to be issues with out of-the-country e-mail but I'm dealing with Verizon. Thanks for everything."

-Barb Cersley
        Web Security

Anything Web refers to http protocal, our job is to protect you with in this protocal. Web Security protects you in the following way:

Spyware Protection
-Blocks downloads of spyware, adware, and other malicious software
-Prevents infected systems from sending information back to the spyware server
-Checks against a database of known spyware URLs
-Gateway spyware blocking complements desktop anti-spyware tools

Virus Protection
-Block viruses, worms, trojans, and other “malware” before they reach desktops
-Scans HTTP traffic
     -Web downloads
     -Web-based email (MSN Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail)
-Dual virus scanners with multiple detection methods
     -Virus signatures, heuristic analysis
-Database of more than 280,000 virus signatures
     -Frequent automatic updates
-Flexible management
     -Can specify file formats and text strings to block

Content Filtering (URL Blocking)
-Enforces policies on appropriate use of the web
-Administrators can define web use policies based on 60 categories of web sites
     -Nudity, gambling, criminal activities, shopping, drugs, job search, sports, entertainment, etc.
-Checks against the largest URL database available
     -60 million categorized web addresses
     -Sophisticated classification techniques – text classification, recognition of symbols and logos, flesh analysis, comparison with similar images
-Whitelists and blacklists to tailor access for groups of users
-Measure and report on activities


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