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Search Engine Optimization
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"I just wanted to thank you for helping Tom and I with our computer. There still seems to be issues with out of-the-country e-mail but I'm dealing with Verizon. Thanks for everything."

-Barb Cersley

Optimizing a Web site for search engines is an integral part of any web site project. From inception to completion Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be implemented, throughout the planning, design, development, and maintenance stages of a Web site.

Additionally, search engines routinely update their search algorithims (Google updates are made quarterly) requiring often lowering rankings for Web sites requiring orgainzations to adjust in order to remain relevant for search queries on which they previously ranked high.

Factory7 can review and refine keywords on a regular basis as part of any standard SEO maintenance service.

In addition to focusing on SEO concepts familiar to many such as keywords, keyphrases, keyword density and keyword proximity, Factory7 addresses optimization techniques "beneath the hood."

Below is a sampling of the SEO best practices and techniques Factory7 incorporates into all Web site design and development:
•Avoid the use of splash pages.
•Balance HTML text and graphics.
•Create search-engine friendly HTML text navigation and cross-links.
•Use external CSS and JavaScript whenever possible, to maximize relevance.
•Use structural markup, and separate content from presentation as much as possible.
•Provide a Web site sitemap, and link to it from your homepage as well as all other web pages.
•Use text alternatives to Flash content.
•Provide metadata and text alternatives for audio and other rich media files.


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